Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Photo courtesy of H&M
Yes. You read correctly; your eyes did not deceive you. Jimmy Choo follows on the heels (pun intended) of Matthew Williamson to become the next designer to lend its name and high-end fashions to the Swedish retailer. On November 14th we will all--or at least the lucky few early risers in major markets--be able to get our hands on H&M's and Jimmy Choo's line of shoes, handbags and accessories for women. Jimmy Choo will also unveil its first clothing line, a capsule collection for women . . . and another first: men's shoes, bags and accessories! Shoes will range from $59.95 for ballet flats, $99 to $129 for boots, with one over-the knee boot priced at $299. The price of clothes will range from $69.95 to $249. Handbags will be $59.95 to $299. The catch? The line will only be carried in 10 - 12 U.S. stores and in 200 H&M stores worldwide.


Fallon said...

OOOOoooooo, this sounds awesome!!! And Nov.14th is my birthday too! What a nice gift for myself. I can't wait! =)

alowina_spice said...

Oh my goodness, this is amazing. i was in like complete shock. im so glad i know!

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