Saturday, June 20, 2009


Beth Ditto, lead singer of punk rock group Gossip, fashion darling, gay rights activist, feminist, champion for plus size causes and model--most notably as the cover girl for Conde Nast's Love magazine--has designed a line of 80's inspired clothing for the plus size British retailer, Evans. The fashion world has long been criticized for the dearth of high (and lo) fashions for the full figured woman. Many retailers are seeking to address this problem by creating lines geared towards youth oriented plus sizes (see Faith21 for Forever21 discussed infra). Evans, owned by the Arcadia Group, which is parent company to TopShop, was taken to task by Ditto, who demanded that she be allowed to design a line for the company and voila . . . the rest is history. For pictures of the entire Beth Ditto for Evans collection click here.

1 comment:

andrea said...

oh, i love beth, im sure her clothing line is going to be awesome:)

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