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Hot on the scene, Jamaica's latest export, Rochelle Thwaites, launches her luxury handbag line--Mimeki! The company's tagline: 'Luxury Redefined", is right on the money. Mimeki, Jamaican patois for "I made it", are beautiful bags, classic with a twist. Rochelle, an interior designer by trade, brings her eye for style to handbags. This young designer has already received many accolades...

Left: "Kamalia" Clutch $485.00; Right: "Lola" Crocco Hobo $325.00

...Mimeki bags were the official Celebrity Retreat Bag at the 2007 ALMA Awards, where they received rave reviews backstage from celebrities like Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, and Eva Longoria. Rochelle and Mimeki have also been featured in many magazines including November 2007's Black Enterprise and Latina magazines! Keep reading for my interview with Rochelle!

StyleChile: When did you become interested in designing?
Rochelle Thwaites: I have been "designing" so to speak since way back when....I loved putting ideas on paper for everything! From designing my room as a little girl to having pieces of clothing made from my designs.

StyleChile: How do you manage to stay fashionable?
Rochelle Thwaites: I don't think of myself as "fashionable". However I think the key for me is to maintain my classic staple style and add a touch of trend to outfits I put together.

StyleChile: Do you have any tips or words of advice for today's fun, fashionable, females?
Rochelle Thwaites: Be individualistic! Maintain your own personal style while incorporating some of the amazing fashion trends of the season. Try not to look like a fashion victim by stepping way out of your box and looking uncomfortable.

StyleChile: Of what (fashion oriented) achievement are you most proud?
Rochelle Thwaites: The only fashion-oriented achievement I am proud of and will ever be proud of is to see a random woman wearing a Mimeki!

StyleChile: How do you stay inspired?
Rochelle Thwaites: I observe women's attire and attitude. I design for the "Confident" woman and women who clearly do not want to look like everyone else. Mimeki is all about individuality.

StyleChile: Tell us how to best obtain Mimeki.
Rochelle Thwaites: Mimeki handbags and accessories are exclusive limited edition products and are available at

StyleChile: Please tell us about your latest projects!
Rochelle Thwaites: 2008 is going to be an amazing year as we are launching Mimeki Kustom!
StyleChile: What are some of your favorite trends this season?
Rochelle Thwaites: I think this season has brought a little glamour to our lives and I like that. A little gold and glitz for the season goes a long way. Shine On!!!

StyleChile: If you could only keep one item in your closet right now what would it be? why?
Rochelle Thwaites: It would be my very first pair of UGGS. They look extremely worn but nothing beats the comfort!

StyleChile: Who do you think has great style?
Rochelle Thwaites: My mother! She is one classy lady and I love that about her.

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