Monday, December 17, 2007


In this, the season of giving (and shopping!), please remember the less fortunate among us. Consider purchasing a t-shirt to support the continued efforts to save the Darfur region of the Sudan. Learn more about this very necessary effort and get your own limited edition Designers for Darfur t-shirt here.

"These t-shirts are so much more than a simple shirt - - -These are billboards which announce to the world-at-large that we are all united in bringing the genocide currently taking place in Darfur to an end."

Designers For Darfur was founded in 2006 by designer Malcolm Harris (Mal Sirrah, Inc.) --previously discussed here-- and model and heiress Lydia Hearst. Designers For Darfur represents hundreds of international designers and the wider fashion community collectively banding together to show their commitment and solidarity towards ending the atrocity of genocide currently taking place in Darfur.


Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I want one, I want to support!!

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I also wanted to say that I like that first models haircut!

WendyB said...

Lydia and Malcolm seem to have had a bad breakup:

m said...

nice post, i want one too!

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