Friday, November 30, 2007


I think I might need to create a special category just for the Target collaborations. I can hardly keep up, seems like there's a new synergy every other month! Next up, Erin Fetherston. Super cute pieces ...from corduroy jumpers, to satin headbands, to jacquard jackets, to velvet dresses...the list goes on and on!

Check out the collection here. I love and hate the pic above. It's a bit disturbing (I mean, I like frills and bows as much as the next girl, but coupled with the baby expression and those mary's more than a little Lolitaish) but cute nonetheless, no? At the very least, it captures the girlish essence of the line. A heart shaped bag? Seriously? But maybe I need to loosen up a bit--that very bag is all sold out---gosh.

Style Tip: Wear the pieces, but not like that! Ground the look with dark tights and a bob (bun or low ponytail for longer hair) and a serious leather handbag. Please don't walk around with that expression on your face and definitely don't stand around like that...unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing!

P.S. I missed the Cavalli for H&M launch (but Claire's got it documented over at the Fashion Bomb), as I was en route to my native Jamaica for the wedding of dear friends (the bride was stunning in Monique Lhuillier and the groom was smashing in a custom made Ralph Lauren) ...but, guess what? Last week, as I was standing around on line at H&M at 59th and Lex, minding my business...steady justifying the many absolutely unneccessary items that I was about to purchase, luck would have it that someone was returning 6 or 7 pieces from the line! She must have been there for a reason, right? That's no mere coincidence! I was supposed to get my hands on them...I bought them all, but I'm not that greedy. I brought some home for my sister-in-law...and offered a few pieces to others, and returned the rest

Click on the link below for vintage Style Collaborations posts! On deck: Libertine for Target.


Anonymous said...

Soo Cute.

Loan said...

I just saw that Jovovich Hawk is likely to be the next go designer. I can't wait to see the pieces!!!!

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