Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Work, work, work...excuses, excuses, excuses! I've been under water, but the deal's finally signed, so back to blogging! It doesn't look like I'll get to post much about Fashion Week, but check out The Fashion Bomb for Claire's coverage of BCBG, Nicole Miller & LAMB by Gwen Stefani, and Heatherette. I do reserve the right to revisit the shows at a later date.
Anyway, check out the Fashion Week event below, held at TéCasan, a chic Soho shoe boutique. I, along with fab friend, Aliya, went to view some pieces from Jedda-Kahn's and Zonkiri's collection. The event was hosted by FashionTribes & Papierdoll in partnership with Glam, H&M, Vitamin Water et al. I couldn't have started fashion week with a more fitting event. Check out the pics below; these emerging designers are ones to watch!

The slide show, above, contains photos of each designer (John Lee and Jedda-Kahn), followed by his dresses. Unfortunately, there were only four Zonkiri dresses on hand, but my, aren't they something? Check out the slideshow below for pics of the fashion forward crowd and more pics of shoes and accessories avilable at Té Casan!

In addition to sipping cocktails, eating (too many!) butlered hors d’œuvres, and mingling with fashion insiders, I somehow managed to come away with the pair of green satin shoes below (the same type of shoe was briefly mentioned in this Satin Shoes post). I can resist everything but temptation! Hurry in, they're on sale and rumor has it, the designer, Gaetano Perrone, was recently poached by Dior! Can you tell that he's also an architect?

Left: I try on, and subsequently buy Gaetano Perrone's "Diana" jewelled ballerina satin pumps in light green; Right: Aliya arrived in Fay Baldock's "Kaelyn" shoe --also available, exclusively, at Te Casan.
Fashion events are not complete unless they include the obligatory swag bag! Here's a sampling of the contents...beauty products galore!


WendyB said...

Gorgeous shoes!!!! Good work.

Naki said...

thanks Wendy! those shoes are a work of art!

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