Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Get the less expensive version of two of this summer's hottest dresses!

I'm still so torn! On the one hand, I'm really not mad at these reasonably priced alternatives...but the Wetseal version (copy?) of this Tibi and Malandrino are a bit too close for comfort.

Tibi...or not to be?

Malandrino...or no?

Top: Tibi's zebra print dress is now $184.00 on net-a-porter. Wetseal's border print halter dress is only $24.50. Bottom: Catherine Malandrino's sequined minidress is £640.00 on the net-a-porter's UK site. Wetseal's mod three color dress in brown is...$22.50!

See my thoughts on a similar issue-- Forever 21 v. Diane von Furstenberg here. What do you think?

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Keisha said...

Can you give me directions to the closest wet seal please?

Jessica said...

I understand where you are coming from on the Malandrino and Forever 21 comparsion, but if you see the Forever 21 garment in person it really looks nothing like the Malandrino one...it is crappy quality.

Naki said...

Jessica, I can definitely believe that!

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