Friday, March 28, 2014



Dear Readers—As some of you know, I've been radio silent for the past year because I was working with a team of talented designers to launch a new web home for StyleChile. Please visit StyleChile 3.0 at for fresh content, including lifestyle oriented topics such as decor, beauty, travel, food, intoxicants, emerging designers, fashion law, entertainment and fun extras. You'll notice that the new StyleChile includes a shop section where you'll be able to shop curated items that are featured in a StyleChile article.


Additionally, the new StyleChile has contributors—nine of them! Check them out here. I'm hopeful that the perspectives of the contributors, new aesthetic and improved functionality, including easy access to social media, will improve your experience. Please note that this blogspot, the second version of StyleChile, will remain live but will no longer be updated. Subscribe to the new site (which resides on the same webpage as the original StyleChile, est. circa 2001) to receive e-mail updates, by clicking here. Check out this article for additional background on this transition. Many thanks to you for your continued support over the years. Our contributors and I look forward to delivering fresh content to you on our new site! xoxo


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