Monday, February 27, 2012


Pucci's Fall 2012 collection is all encompassing with a diverse array of textures, colors and trends. The line features rich leathers, decadent furs, sumptuous silks, intricate beadwork, elaborate embroidery, trousers and tuxedo jackets, sheers and strategically placed slits--in a palette of pastels, deep purples, brilliant white and luminous black.

The utterly modern collection evokes both the relaxed sexuality and glamour of the disco era and the body consciousness of the '80s. It straddles the gender divide, juxtaposing manly coats with slinky dresses and rendering a tuxedo in gold.

Models alternated between conservative working girls to punk rock princesses; with some ensembles exhibiting a bit of bohemian luxe for good measure.

While the collection is a bold step towards uncharted territory, it remains rooted in the familiar Pucci aesthetic. Peter Dundas paid homage to the house's history by referencing Pucci's signature palazzo pyjamas and swirling patterns throughout the collection.

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