Monday, August 16, 2010


The "Stella", a silver gilded French antique made with elegantly arranged abalone shells.

I have a thing for mirrors, but my place is surprisingly bereft of them. For example, I've been living without a full-length mirror for more than a year now and will not even try to describe how I go about seeing how a complete outfit looks after getting dressed. Recently, while on a trip to Amsterdam, a good friend and I came across some spectacular mirrors being sold by a vendor during Queen's Day. We were able to convince the seller to ship to the States and voilà, I now have two mirrors in addition to the one above my bathroom sink. In any event, I still can't see a full outfit, because the mirrors are definitely not full length and I'm in love, again, with the mirror above. Isn't it great? It's sold by Made Goods, I'll be visiting this site often to ogle mirrors, chandeliers, accent furniture and other objets d' art!

Click "read more" below to check out pictures of my newly acquired mirrors! Click on the label below for vintage Objet d'Arts posts.

The mirrors above were created by the design duo behind this leather goods website. Their talents know no bounds! Tell Noor I sent ya!


KelleBelle said...

Yay they finally came! I know how you cope sans full-length mirror... Hello hallway! It works. =)

Can't wait to see the mirrors in person at some point. They look gaw-geous.

Naki said...

Heh heh. Thanks Kell! Come for another visit soon. Looks like you didn't see my other method :)

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