Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I wont launch into the reasons why I've been absent, this time. Instead, I'd like to focus on my return. In short, I was inspired. I visited www.thestylerookie.com, the blog run by teen phenom Tavi Gevinson (she started it when she was 11), and was motivated by her talent and fresh perspective. I was moved to write, however, when I saw these photos of Givenchy's Fall 2010 Couture collection on her page.

Riccardo Tisci outdid himself. Creating a collection inspired in part by Frida Kahlo, and drawing upon the Mexican culture's fascination with muerte, Tisci used his signatures: dégradé ostrich feathers, fringe-work and lace to romanticize the human skeleton and to mask and amplify the vulnerability of the human form. Read Tim Blanks' write-up of the presentation for style.com here.

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