Saturday, March 28, 2009


Despite unprecedented cancellations, New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week did not disappoint. I was unable to attend the most recent Fashion Week, but took cold comfort in viewing pictures and videos of the various collections online.
I was impressed with many, but was truly bowled over by Rachel Roy's collection. Although Ms. Roy faces some criticism for using hair and beauty that is highly reminiscent of Stefano Pilati's Fall 2008 Yves Saint Laurent show, her designs were illustrative of innovation that is all her own: architectural, with peaks and valleys, elaborate cut-outs and artful draping . . . powerful, sexy and feminine, a touch vintage, but thoroughly modern . . . Rachel Roy did not show under the tents, instead she held a presentation in Chelsea. View the entire Rachel Roy Ready To Wear collection on Coutorture and check out NY 1's video here.
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Get Togetha said...

Rachel Roy tries to do things differently by shaking up expectations. The cut in the pics are a little to structured for me but I appreciate the touch of eclectic's.

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