Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Check out this amazing student of philosophy cum fashion designer, Nadia Nour.

An ensemble from holiday '08

It's fitting that a designer with degrees in both philosophy and fashion design would produce clothes that are "born of more than just a love of fashion. They are a study in human behavior and the expressions of both individual and collective identity in our society."
Left: a suit from Spring '08. Right: a dress from Fall '08

Each piece is made with organic and vintage materials, produced locally in New York's garment district. Nadia's love of dresses and skirts is apparent in her collection. Each piece is highly stylized, structured, soft, feminine and flirty. Keep reading for my interview with Nadia!
StyleChile: When did you become interested in designing?
Nadia Nour: From the age of 8 I was customizing my clothes with beads, paint, bedazzlers, scissors, tie-dye, and more. Even back then I knew clothes were important vehicles for individual expression.
StyleChile: Who were your fashion influences?
Nadia Nour: I’m dating myself but my greatest early fashion influence was definitely Madonna. From Madonna I got ideas about mixing different styles, layering, personalizing your look, and owning it.

StyleChile: what are some of your favorite trends this season?
Nadia Nour: My favorite thing about this season is that almost nothing is wrong. High-waisted jeans, low-waisted jeans, skinny leg, full leg, its all in. I love that women can choose whatever styles flatter their body types most and are not tied to specific trends. For fall, mixing more traditional pieces like tweeds and plaids with modern prints and colors is a great look.

StyleChile: If you could only keep one item in your closet right now what would it be? why?
Nadia Nour: My colorful vintage sweater with leather appliqués. I love the combination of colors and textures in this piece.
StyleChile: Who do you think has great style?
Nadia Nour: Stacy London has been my muse for the past couple of years, I love that she focuses on fit, quality, and originality. Like me, she wears a lot of dresses and skirts and is not afraid of bold color and graphic prints.
StyleChile: How do you stay inspired?
Nadia Nour: I always try to break new ground with my collections and introduce a unique point of view. I try to do this by taking a wide range of factors into consideration like what’s going on culturally, politically, and socially. I find that these issues influence the way people want to present themselves to the world.
StyleChile: Do you have any tips or words of advice for today's fun, fashionable, females?
Nadia Nour: Today’s fashion is all about personal style. There’s no one look that is “in” so go ahead and mix different styles, layer colors, mix prints, and accessorize.
StyleChile: Tell us how to best obtain Nadia Nour.
Nadia Nour: Visit nadianour.com and click on "where to buy".
StyleChile: Of what (fashion oriented) achievement are you most proud?
Nadia Nour: Creating my first organic collection was a great achievement for me. Being able to take an eco-friendly approach to fashion without sacrificing the sophistication of my designs was really satisfying.

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