Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Thanksgiving was not able to reconcile these two groups, but Rachel Roy has achieved amity--386 years later. Her collection represents the best of both worlds, an incredible fusion of the puritanical with the "exotic".

This collection is one of my personal faves. I love highly structured apparel (those tulip skirts are to die for), lush fabric and color, peep toe booties and statement making jewelry! Rachel incorporates all of these elements plus bits of feather...and hats... and gloves... and belts...

...and what's more? I can actually get away with some of these at work!*
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* I wore Rachel Roy's "Silva" white button down to work a few days ago, it was so fussy I had to keep a jacket on (think puffed sleeves, super high neck, ruffles, French cuffs--all in a "simple" white button down).

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kathrynsky said...

the dress is gorgeous!!!

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