Monday, October 30, 2006


My officemate just asked me for help in picking clothes for our firm's annual retreat. This is difficult because:

(i) my officemate is a guy and while I think I'm fairly clued into women's fashions, I've never really given much thought to men's clothes...though I do admire diddy, kanye and the entertainment industry's other fabulously appointed males, but I digress...

(ii) this year's retreat is in Dallas, Tx... nuff said! and

(iii) we were just told that the dress code is "business casual, jeans acceptable". WTF?

I thought about his query and answered him thus:

- Do not pair Khaki's with a light blue shirt, lest you be confused with a Blockbuster employee.

- Do not wear grey trousers with a navy blazer to avoid looking like a Spectra Guard.

He also wanted to know what would work best with brown pants...a light blue shirt, duh!

What am I 'gonna wear?!?!?!

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